Secure Transportation

Your goods are in our safe hands

We’re proud to offer you secure transportation for your items. From pick up to delivery, our global and local security teams work hard to ensure the highest standards of security, whether it’s across the city or around the world.


We’ve made it our mission to offer you the most secure logistics solutions, which is why we continually strive to improve our security services by focusing on risk-mitigating measures. This protects employees, assets and customers’ goods by reducing and preventing exposure to crime and terrorism.

  • Our security team
  • Our established, global head office security team focus on every aspect of security
  • Developing and implementing global security strategies
  • Developing systems
  • Security performance management
  • Sharing best practice
  • Management of aviation security requirements
  • Supporting the field security teams

Providing single points of contact for our strategic customers at a senior level
Ultimately, the Atlantic Courier Services global customs and security director has the responsibility of security, and they report directly to Atlantic Courier Services’s global network operations managing director.

Each operating unit, and country, has a head of security, a security team and an established competent security structure to manage security standards and risks at a local level, so you know you’re in safe hands when you ship your goods with us.

In order to protect your goods, and our employees and assets, we will implement additional security measures in areas of high risk. These measures may include:

Security control centres

  • Gps
  • Security escorts
  • Enhanced site control
  • Atlantic Courier Services restricts its detailed security transport arrangements.

Secure transport guidelines

As a company proud of their up to date security, Atlantic Courier Services is an active member of a number of express associations around the world. Focusing on both customs and security, we work with regulatory bodies and industry peers to improve supply chain security.

In addition, we have many internal security programmes, guidelines, processes and systems including:

Security training

All new employee induction courses have security as an important part. Specific job-related security training such as drivers’ security awareness training and golden rules as well as on-going refresher courses for relevant job functions.

Employee and sub-contractor screening

Atlantic Courier Services screens its employees and sub-contractors in line with its risk assessment and subject to local legislation.

Route risk assessments

We periodically assess the security risks of all new and existing line-haul routes.

Atlantic Courier Services secure storage in transit
All locations are made secure during non-operational and shutdown periods through implemented guidelines.

Secure logistics certifications

Atlantic Courier Services’s network is covered by security standards that include vehicle security, access control, cctv, man guarding, alarm systems, training and much more. These standards are based upon the transported asset protection association (tapa) ‘c’ grading, however, we also have more than 100 main hubs and depots that are rated ‘a’. We also have more locations that aren’t officially ‘a’ certified, but are at the same standard.

The security controls of each location within the Atlantic Courier Services network is dependent on the results of its security risk assessments.

Across the world, there are a variety of different customs-led secure supply chain programmes, and Atlantic Courier Services is committed to achieving the standards that they expect. In evidence of this, we have a us customs-trade partnership against terrorism (c-tpat) certification (approved by the us customs border and protection in the united states together with c-tpat foreign validation status) and 25 legal entity authorized economic operator (aeo) approved certifications in eu member states.

Atlantic Courier Services also holds aeo approved certifications in norway, switzerland and taiwan, the secure trade partnership + (stp+) in singapore, and partners in protection (pip) in canada.

Atlantic Courier Services strives to ensure a continually secure supply-chain, and so ensures that it is aware of all relevant national customs and security supply chain programmes that are launched.

Aviation security

We have also implemented an advanced security programme for our aviation network. Focusing on continuous enhancement and development with regards to the latest regulatory necessities and advances in technology, as well as best practice, Atlantic Courier Services is committed to discussing and enhancing its aviation standards with the relevant regulators and industry bodies.