Parcel Delivery

We deliver more than a million shipments every day in perfect condition. Proper packaging, labeling and documentation helps ensure yours will be one of them

Calculating size and weight

Depending on the destination of your shipment the weight, size limits and costs may differ. Large, lightweight parcels are charged based on their volumetric weight; the space they use rather than sheer weight itself. Multiply the package’s height by width by length, and then the appropriate conversion factors to work it.

Packaging materials & more

Over a million shipments are delivered by Atlantic Courier Services every day across the world in excellent condition. To help us ensure yours arrives in a perfect state it is important to use proper packaging materials, labeling and documentation. Follow the packaging advice below to create a safe and secure environment for your shipment and allow our reliable team to do the rest.

Packaging your shipment

Use top quality packaging materials, such as our Atlantic Courier Services-branded line, for protecting your items. Make sure the packaging used is suitable for the shipment’s weight, clearly marking anything weighing over 25kg as ‘heavy’; it is useful to provide additional support and cushioning too. This helps our team prepare for moving heavier packages without the risk of an accident. For small items Atlantic Courier Services self-sealing plastic satchels are appropriate.
Multiple items should be wrapped separately. Any irregularly shaped and delicate parcels must be given extra protection, such as covering in bubble wrap or filling any gaps with rolled up newspaper. Carefully pack metal and sharp objects to avoid harming anyone or anything during transit.

Labeling your shipment

Place easy to read labels on the top of every parcel and ensure it is securely attached to the package. On the label include the receiver’s postcode, as well as their telephone number where possible. Remove all old address labels, include a return address and duplicate label inside the package.

Essential documentation

A commercial invoice must be filled in and supplied with any packages going outside of the eu. A consignment note is required wherever the parcel is going, whether it’s staying in the uk or going further afield.