About us

We offer our valuable customers with multiple network services without contention or congestion and in line with Pre-defined Quality and Support.

In the region, Express Delivery is active in five principal service segments:

  • Door-Door Domestic & international Express Service
  • Door-Door international import service
  • Road Express
  • Same Day Express Delivery
  • Express Bullet Services


Atlantic Courier Services provides quality Courier & Transport services to clients through a professional approach and systematic customer oriented work style. The company’s main activity is Domestic & International Atlantic Courier Services, Delivering in time promptly to all destinations.


Above all, we are committed to integrity in all that we do, always, anywhere- anytime.


It is the essence of our ability to succeed as a trusted preferred partner of courier & Transport industry solutions to our clients. Our overriding loyalty is to the good of the whole organization. We learn from each other and share our skills and resources across organizational boundaries for our clients’ benefit and our own.


We respect every individual. We draw strength from equal opportunity and diversity, while at the same time supporting personal growth and development. We value and we all benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit of each individual.


We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, we pursue innovation, we deploy imagination, we are open to new ideas and we act decisively and consistently. We are determined to deliver outstanding quality so that our relationships with our clients will be long lasting and close. The Customers are with us that is our goals and achievements.

This courier service was, and is still, very much based on.

  • Positive vision
  • Honesty
  • Economical price
  • Genuine
  • Quality-driven
  • Excellence Service & Commitment.